"Carol is a gifted and talented pianist and vocalist. She has the gift of moving hearts through her performance. She is also a great teacher, because she is always striving to get to the next level herself. She is sensitive, patient, caring, experienced, and generous with her knowledge."

David Graham

"It is our pleasure to recommend Carol, who has been such a wonderful, trustworthy and patient piano instructor for our children. Carol encourages and works with our children to help them appreciate the art of music. She challenges them and introduces them to new and exciting music, which motivates our kids to continue to learn. The potential of our children has never shown through with our previous instructor. We are glad to have her teaching our children."

Dennis & Sandra Chun

"I have known Carol for over 2 decades; mainly as a friend, but most recently as a contributor to my music. Carol displayed her wonderful musical sensibility to my songs by providing her vocal and keyboard talents. As a piano instructor, she is extremely patient with her students - making them feel at ease. She encourages her students to succeed. She is passionate about music and she is committed to providing the very best for her students."

Jeanie Maruta - Singer / Songwriter / Former Member and
Founder of The Summer in Between and Origami (USA)

"Carol was consistently a top performer!  She showed a solid grasp of all the ingredients of music."

Dr. Ollie Powers
Music Professor
Ventura College

"I enjoy playing music. Everytime i learn a new song, i get excited. It's alot of practice, but i get it together and i always say, "practice makes perfect." In two months of playing piano, i've learned alot. I love playing piano."


"I've had my two children studying with Carol for about a year now. My husband is a professional composer and therefor very particular about our childrens musical education. My son has a very advanced natural musical ability, and my daughter is a competant more average learner. Carol has proven herself to be quite skilled in meeting the needs of both in a manner that keeps them interested and challenged. Carol was recomended to us by our sons retiring music teacher, and we continue to recommend her to anyone aspiring to play music."

Without reservation,
Brad and Anne Chiet
El Segundo, CA 90245